SAD! 4Yr Old Disabled Boy Starve To Death Clinging To His Mother's Dead Body For Two Weeks -Photos

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A four-year-old disabled schoolboy starved to death clinging to his mother’s body after he was left there with her corpse for more than two weeks.
Mute and autistic Chadrack Mbala Mulo was found with his arms wrapped around the decomposed body of his mum Esther Eketi-Mulo in their northeast London flat.
An inquest has heard how the heartbreaking find on October 20 came after Chadrack was unable to raise the alarm when his mum died at the start of the month after an epileptic fit.
Chadrack died of malnutrition and dehydration and autism spectrum disorder on October 18, according to a report into his death.
Neighbours at the Trelawney Estate in Hackney reportedly thought the stench coming from the family’s flat was from the mum’s cooking.
The case has now raised questions over school procedures when children are absent.
Coroner Mary Hassel said in her report:
“Chadrack had learning difficulties and, when his mother died unexpectedly at home on 1 or 2 October 2016, he did not know how to call for help or feed himself properly.”
Staff at his school, Morningside Primary, had visited the home twice and rang several times in early October but could not get in.
The Coroner said:
“They … could not gain access to the block of flats where Chadrack and his mother lived.
“The likelihood is that Chadrack lived alone in the family home for over a fortnight after his mother’s death.
“He was found a couple of days after his own death, with his arms around her (the mother) body.
“She was by then very decomposed.”

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So sad
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Sad.. rip
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Very sad
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 Cry Cry Cry
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sad story...
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That's why it always good to check on friends and family. How can someone say they mistook the stench from the flat for his mum's cooking?? does their food smell that bad?? I think there is something those people in her neighbourhood are not saying. How are we sure they are not responsible for her death?? I'm saying this because if the woman have good neighbours or relations that boy would still be alive. may their soul rest in peace
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sad"sad"sad rip mother and son.
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Oh My this so sad!! Cry Cry

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