Guess Where 50 Cent Got His Savage Attitude From...This Picture Answers It (Photos)

Published On: July 25, 2018, 10:02 pm
Author: Dammy Olutayo
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Now, it's obvious where 50 Cent got his savagery from.

The rapper has been having a virtual war with Mayweather and some other social media users who are on Mayweather's side and he has enlisted the help of his grandfather to pass a message to the haters.

Sharing a photo of himself and his grandfather giving his haters the middle finger, 50 Cent wrote: "I told my grandfather y’all was hating on me and then this is what happen. LOL ?get the strap."

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Lol floyd dun Floyd you keep for one corner.. no remix about the last shade.. now take heart and mind how you shade others.
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Inheritance  Grin
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LMAO  Angry Cheesy
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