Kim Kardashian Causes A Stir As She Squeezes Her Sumptuous Curves In Skin Tight Velvet Pants (PICS)

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Kim Kardashian caused a stir as she was spotted arriving at Jimmy Kimmel LIVE on Monday in Los Angeles

The 37-year-old reality star and mother of three rocked a one-shoulder crop top and skin-tight velvet pants which flaunted her curvaceous curves ahead of her appearance. She also paired the all-black ensemble with silver shield sunglasses and clear mules heels designed by her husband, rapper Kanye West.

See more photos below.

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distorted figure....i miss the Kim of those days...she looks sick
kacylee (f) at 2-08-2018 08:48AM
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this is real punishment.. tucking ur tummy in even while u walk just to maintain a 'flat tummy' look Undecided

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She is gone