Pastor Oyakhilome Is The Biggest Fraudster In Nigeria – Nigerian Man Claims

Published On: January 1, 2019, 4:50 pm
Mister Jay Wonder
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A Nigerian man has called out Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy saying he is a fraudster and giving his reason.
According to the man, Oyakhilome scams many of his church members with the many fee they have to pay in his church.

In his words;
”Can you talk about pastor Chris Oyakhilome also? That man is the biggest fraudster in Nigeria, not even Oyedipo or Adeboye. Pastor Chris new year cross over night is 1000 naira, that man on every October first, Nigeria independent will tell his church members to buy Rapshody of realities and share to people. Every zone are you buy 15000000 million copies at the rate of 150 naira per one, and Lagos alone have 5 zones. You are even talking about tithing, do you know in Christ embassy seed soaring in mandatory? There is a program they do every year, international pastors and partner conference (I. C. P. C) in that program, if the seed you sour in that year is not up to 30.000 naira, then you’re not qualify to have the ticket to the program. That church register your seed and your tithes sef. Please bring this awareness to the world so everyone will know about that church. You now have the whole world listening and it’s time you expose that man to the whole world. #shalom.”

-- tonyokafor (m) at 1-01-2019 05:04PM
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my brother Oyakhilome no force any body, steady greedy we get tricked everybody want miracle
-- smart61 (m) at 1-01-2019 05:06PM
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We all know long ago that they are not men of God but men in business
-- kp45 (m) at 1-01-2019 07:08PM
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There are other churches out there
-- Benitokrishna (m) at 1-01-2019 07:59PM
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 EmbarrassedThere's No Doubt About What The Said From The Onset Chris Or What Ever He Called Himself He's A Holy Criminal And A adultery
-- Noah147 (m) at 1-01-2019 08:06PM
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All of them na thiefs.
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 1-01-2019 09:00PM
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Religion is fake business. Pastors, Imams, Native doctors are big time frausters all over the World.
-- Besteson11 (m) at 2-01-2019 12:24AM
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You guys are all fools for criticising pastors. They force una buy the books or sow seeds. Long throat, una eye dey the money wen them dey make. go and open your own church and start printing your books for free for your members without buying materials to print the books. Judgement awaits you all for criticising men of God. 
-- james987 (m) at 2-01-2019 05:47AM
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Some people say e dey good like that. Nigeria dun dey destroyed. Musicans (occultists) pastors (occultists) and that's why they all left God. They only care about riches so they engaged in Freemasonry. "phyuk what the bible says". The politicians (occultists) 80% of them shed blood. What happens to the new generation and unborn?
-- Benitokrishna (m) at 2-01-2019 10:02AM
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Didn't You Know There Are False And Fake Pastors this days only what the went it money
-- Agvictor (f) at 2-01-2019 10:14AM
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