Charmed Or True Love? Man Carrying His 2 Kids While Wife Carries a Bag

Published 3 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 20-10-2019 11:04PM (3 months ago)

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There has been a debate online over the circulation of a particular photo where an African man can be seen carrying his 2 children as the wife walks with him carrying a bag. The man had one of the children on his back and the other on his shoulder, many people online hailed the man as a true leader while some others think  he might have been charmed by his wife because such ridiculous tasks are not meant for men in Africa as women are expected to take care and look after the children while the man provides food and shelter. What is your take on this? the photo is below:

Bebold at 21-10-2019 12:03AM (3 months ago)
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Love and it’s their personal and family decision anyone that doesn’t like it should drink detergent water
okpokpo at 21-10-2019 01:55AM (3 months ago)
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good one
mark200 at 21-10-2019 02:42AM (3 months ago)
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There is nothing wrong there
Boi2Man at 21-10-2019 03:28AM (3 months ago)
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And so what? Didn’t the wife carried each child 9  months  in her uterus?
maizaxx at 21-10-2019 04:01AM (3 months ago)
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There is nothing wrong with that.
I carried my kids the better part of the time we went out.
So African or not it's a good one we should emulate.
Baye77 at 21-10-2019 08:38AM (3 months ago)
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1) Poster, there is nothing in that pix that tells that those people are a couple
2) Even if she is his wife, are those kids not his kids?? Since when did it become a crime for a man to carry his own kids??
3) there are plenty news to report...this is definitely not one of them.
Cominion at 21-10-2019 09:11AM (3 months ago)
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Old photo and old headline we have seen it before poster
scottchris at 21-10-2019 09:45AM (3 months ago)
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oh yeah?   i can do it...its no big deal

Abadiba at 21-10-2019 09:56AM (3 months ago)
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It is not a reality. It was acted up for this sake. If a man actually tied a baby on his back with a wrapper it is like a man coming out on the streets while wearing a scate. or a bra. Notwithstanding it is more of the duty of a man to carry the baby when trekking on the streets with his wife. A real man shades his wife of all burden as better as he can all the time
DrSoba at 21-10-2019 12:17PM (3 months ago)
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Poster, you will see picture and post with useless headline. Do you know the situation behind the man carrying his children?
WhenYouThinkAboutIt at 21-10-2019 12:30PM (3 months ago)
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What stops a father from loving his children, is it pride that would stop a father from loving his Children and wife


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