Celebrity Bar Man, Cubana Chief Priest in Messy Land Tussle With Imo State Government

Date: 25-04-2024 7:26 am (1 month ago) | Author: kacy lee
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Embattled celebrity barman, cubana chief priest has once again reportedly entangled himself in another messy land scandal involving the Imo State government.

Recall that Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma had appointed Cubana Chief Priest as Social Media Aide two years ago

According to blogger cutie_juls who made the story known, it was revealed that Chief Priest 'dubiously' acquired the land at a cheaper rate from one of Imo State Governor's aide who has been sacked at that moment, and its been a roller coaster ride for Chief Priest trying to convince the State governor that he actually purchased the land fair and square.

Continue reading the gist below:

So hope most of you are aware that Governor has recently fired one of his PAs.

Well long story short.

As Celebrity Bar man noticed his Governor/Oga has been selling Imo State Government owned lands and majority of the proceeds allegedly not going into Imo State coffers, Celebrity Bar man also took advantage of the situation.

He negotiated with the Sacked PA to get some of the lands at very cheap prices and somehow a bit wayo ways.

Fast forward, Chief Priest wanted to claim the lands he supposedly “bought” so he can start developing them.

Imo State Government said NO!! That those lands do not belong to Chief Priest and that the lands belong to Imo State Government.

Chief Priest went to see Oga Governor and even convinced him that not all the lands are for him and that he also collected other people’s monies and help them purchase.

So Hope asked him to go and bring receipts.

Chief Priest brought receipts of his money transfers to sacked PA’s account.

Hope even got upset more and accused Chief Priest of being one of the people who was aiding his former staff from stealing from him [Hope Uzodinma] and Imo state Government despite all the love he’s shown CP because of his support for his government. Hope apparently went on to accuse CP that all the support was to get close to the government so he can “milk” the state.

Chief Priest got furious at a point and tempers flare up.

Mr Governor asked CP to go to court if he believes he has paid for any land belonging to Imo State Government.

Mr Governor told CP that unless he provides proof that he bought those lands from Imo State Government, nobody will release those lands to him. He also told Chief Priest that, he must provide receipts of the money he paid into Imo State Government account as that is the only legal and acceptable means of acquiring Government properties.

Omo, all efforts to get the lands almost seem impossible now.

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den don scam scammer lol Grin Grin Grin
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