Renowned Nigerian Comedian, Destalker Reveals Shocking Reason For Quitting As A Pallbearer

Date: 26-05-2024 5:26 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
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Renowned Nigerian comedian, Destalker, recently divulged the startling reason behind his abrupt departure from his role as a pallbearer, shedding light on a traumatic incident that shattered his aspirations in the funeral industry.

In an exclusive interview with TVC, Destalker recounted his initial enthusiasm for the job, expressing his ambition to venture into entrepreneurship by establishing his own undertaker business. His journey into the world of pallbearing began innocently enough, initially joining as a dancer to showcase his remarkable dancing prowess, which had earned him the prestigious title of the best Makossa dancer in his neighborhood.

As time passed, Destalker transitioned into carrying caskets, finding a sense of fulfillment in his newfound role. However, his optimism and aspirations were cruelly dashed by a harrowing experience that would haunt him indefinitely.

During a somber funeral procession from Asaba to Igbuzo, the solemn atmosphere was abruptly shattered when the children of the deceased requested an unconventional request—to dance with the casket. Obliging their wishes, they began tossing the casket in the air, only for it to come crashing down, revealing a shocking truth—it was a fake coffin.

The revelation of the counterfeit coffin left Destalker reeling with shock and disbelief. The profound impact of the incident shook him to his core, extinguishing his passion for his pallbearer duties and extinguishing his dreams of venturing into undertaker entrepreneurship.

Destalker's candid revelation offers a poignant glimpse into the unexpected twists and turns of life, underscoring the fragile nature of dreams and the profound impact of unforeseen events.

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