Woman Arrested For Putting Her 3-Yr-Old Son In A Tub Full Of Boiling Water [PIC]

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«§» 28 May 2013

A Texas mother accused of scalding her son with hot water had a breakdown on her way to court on Thursday.

Prosecutors say 20 year old Breanna Sauls put her three year old son in a tub full of boiling hot water but refused to report the child’s severe injuries until days after the incident.

On Thursday a judge decided that there was enough evidence to take the child out of Sauls’ custody and have her arrested on charges of injury to a child and injury to a child by omission.

As she was being led away in handcuffs, Sauls pleaded her case and begged her family to take care of her child.

“I would never hurt my baby. I would never hurt my baby. This is so wrong, I would never hurt my child,” she screamed as she was being led away. “Papa, please take care of my baby. Please take care of my baby.”

Attorney Michael Craig, who is acting on behalf of the child, described the burn injuries.

“The child was burned severely. Some of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Craig.

Sauls says that what happened to her son was an accident and she would never hurt him. She says that her son was on the toilet while she was running her own bathwater. Then Sauls says she left the bathroom for a short time because she was cooking, and then she ran to answer the doorbell.

By the time she was done at the door, she was met with a smoky kitchen, and that’s when Sauls says she heard her son cry out. In the time it took her to run back to the bathroom, her son was coming out of the tub and already developing blisters.

Sauls said she didn’t take her son to the hospital immediately because she’s a medical student and thought she could treat the injuries. She treated her son with burn cream and Tylenol.

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She mite be telling d truth. Whr she is faulty is to leave a boiling water in a bwth tube wen she kns she has a child close by.