10 Different Sets Of People You’ll Probably Meet When You Visit Shoprite

5 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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-- (m) at 24-01-2015 10:15PM

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1. The petty shopper: These type of people are usually seen after shopping with a blueband butter and u wonder if that they can’t be gotten from mallam Audu beside your house

2. The cameraman: you see this people snaping like the are contesting for paris best picture of the year They might even ask u to help them take pictures..

3. The pricer: This people walks into the sony showroom pricing every tabs,tv,electronics,and the last thing u hear is I’ll check back, loool

4. The strolling crew: Right from the entry point of these people,dey pace around without having any specific task, showing off and they tend to join the number 2 crew later

5. The babes/guys finder: The sole aim of these both sex is to find a date,spouse,or sexxmate. E.g my Nigga skimpledawg.. They’ll just seems to disappear after accomplishing their mission.. Some will just fake a call and go out, Lol

6. The KFC pretender: You’ll see this people sited on the KFC table with a bottle of sprite just for coming to shoprite sake.. I can tell that the ladies are mostly guilty of this

7. The family members crew: God,these family sweeps the entire walkway with the whole extended family,if u no stand well and dem jam u,u go think say na obasanjo use belle jam u.. Lol

8. The Excessive shopper crew: mostly women, you’ll beging to wonder if they’ll be anything left for you to buy when they finish shopping..

9. The mother with kids: you’ll just spot her trying to call her kid(s) to order Or yelling at him/her not to touch anything or move around the mall.. “Junior! Come back here…stay right here, Don’t touch this, Don’t touch that… I’ll beat u o, bla bla bla… “

10. The Gadget and callers crew just when u think you’ve had enough of everything scene from different crew, you’ll spot someone punching his/her phone and smiling, probably surfing on Nairaland or chatting and again you’ll hear a tiny angelic voice “Hello baby, am at shoprite I’ll call u back when I get back home Or A loud but calm Voice “Guy how far, omo me dey shoprite… Ur papa, even chewing gum I no dey buy for u…I go Meet u for Suxxman place when i finish.. Haahahaha U dey mard, later tinz Guy” lol grin grin grin

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-- Shegzan (m) at 24-01-2015 10:24PM
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-- satsaver (m) at 24-01-2015 10:41PM
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u must be among no.6
-- joblock (m) at 24-01-2015 11:00PM
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Must one to buy something to able to enter a mall ! Is open for public, so people are free.
-- joblock (m) at 24-01-2015 11:05PM
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I mean must one need to buy something to able to enter a mall
-- beneno (m) at 24-01-2015 11:33PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- dareper (m) at 24-01-2015 11:51PM
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Na them sabi
-- youngt1 (m) at 25-01-2015 12:17AM
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poster u no put urself na una de observe all dis kind pple na una b observers u sure sai u de go buy sumtin there
-- treasi (m) at 25-01-2015 01:04AM
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-- giftmurphy (f) at 25-01-2015 02:09AM
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really true Cheesy Cheesy
-- TABONTE (m) at 25-01-2015 05:36AM
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Stingy Indian family wey come buy garbage and other grass like strange food items pretending to be oyibo people
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 25-01-2015 05:53AM
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U are actually one of them poster
-- DrSoba (m) at 25-01-2015 08:53AM
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-- Nicksam (m) at 25-01-2015 10:54AM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
-- nanrotonero (m) at 25-01-2015 10:56AM
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this is a very useless post. do u have to buy costly thing when u enter a shopping mall?
-- Brooklyn64 (m) at 25-01-2015 12:26PM
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Your post has exposed your timidity. Even in western countries you could walk into a mall merely to see the stock for future visits or for the purpose of buying a little item. Whats the big deal? I guess reason is you dont have enough of these store in Nigeria.
-- spekay (m) at 25-01-2015 01:00PM
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Lol  funny  i love the exceessive shoping crew and mother with kids the most .   well done mr poster

-- factfinding (m) at 25-01-2015 02:30PM
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Well its a common thing to do in a shopping mall, its called window shopping mostly women,ladies, girls did that especially if their bored at home, as for calling Junior stay right here its a good thing that a mother get noticed of her child, and if someone shop a-lots that is none of your business, he or she came there to shop so what is your business hat someone bought a lot of things? to cap it all your one of those who went to Shoprite to do nothing, because if you were busy shopping you won't had the time to noticed what others are doing in there.
-- egwuevans17 (m) at 26-01-2015 01:59AM
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Naija with many wahala self...
-- Fertymor (f) at 29-01-2015 10:06AM
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