“I performed because i am young, vote for another young mind – Amaechi

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By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

The governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi has said that the people of the state enjoyed his governorship because they voted for a young governor.

Amaechi disclosed this while addressing the crowd at the people during All Progressives Congress rally in Kalabari for the governorship candidate, Hon. Dakuku Peterside which was closely monitored by NAIJA CENTER NEWS

He urged them to vote for another young mind in Rivers State, Dakuku Peterside who will take the state to another level just as he did.

Rotimi Amaechi who is also the  APC campaign director asked the people of Kalabari not to accept President Goodluck Jonathan as their brother since he chose to take everything away from them.

The govenror said Jonathan refused to do anything for the Rivers people, including repairing a single road.

He said ” When i ask Jonathan if i should repair a Federal road, he refused, in the presence of your people, he said he will do it. Did he do it?

Let me tell you the problem you will have this raining season, there will be no road to drive home, neither will there be road to drive out, your economy will continue to suffer because of one bad President.

Soku belong to Kalabari kingdom, Kalabari people are big enough to form a nation. If today you are to form a nation, where is your oil wealth?

I promised Jonathan one thing, for any local government that i will campaign, i will show him one thing i have done there.What has he done for the Rivers people?”

The governor continued “Tell those who asked you to vote for him (President Jonathan) because he is your brother, that he is not your brother, he is the enemy of the Rivers people. He never knew this day will come, he has always thought that all election can be done by writing.. No more carry go, carry go has been buried.”

“Another vote for President Goodluck Jonathan will be badluck to us. Our economy will suffer.” He added

Amaechi also admitted that the problem of insecurity is not only the problem of the Federal Government but also that of the state, adding that the Federal government has a greater role to play and the FG has done nothing to employ a single youth in Rivers State

” What has the Federal Government done to employ all of you? If the N30b Naira they stole at the Federal Level get to you, will you be suffering? Federal government refused to give us light, a vote for Buhari will change all that.” He said

Amaechi advised the crowed to learn to vote corrupt politicians out. He added that the only party they should vote for on February 14 and 28 should be APC.

The governor who may have forgotten that he is presently campaigning for a 73 years old candidate on the platform of APC, reminded the people that he became the governor at a very young age. He asked them if they enjoyed his governorship because he is young and the crowed shouted YES!

“I thank God for making me a governor at a very young age, i am sure you people enjoy my governorship because i am young. When i became governor, when i compete, they said i was too young.  You were used to a governor that sit at the back of the car, wave when they are coming and chase you when they come now, but now you have a young governor that talk with you, drink with you even eat in a Buka (local restaurant) that is because i am a young blood. If you vote for another young blood, what happened, you will repeat the same thing.”

Amaechi is the Campaign director of the All Progressives Congress flagbear, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who many Nigerians have refused due to his old age.

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