Nyesom Wike Dismissed As Governor Of Rivers State, Fresh Elections To Hold In 90 Days

4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
(m) at 16-12-2015 02:19PM (4 years ago)

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There is going to be another Governorship election in Rivers in 90 DAYS. It will be recalled that a tribunal on the 24th of October, had held that Governor Wike of Rivers State was not duly elected as the Governor of Rivers‎ state and so sacked him, but the Governor appealed against the judgment, insisting that he was duly elected the governor of the state.
Now a three-man Court of Appeal panel sitting in Abuja has now struck out the appeal. In a 110-page ruling delivered by Justice M.B. Dongban-Mensem, the Court ruled that the election of Nyesom Wike did not conform with the electoral act and ordered a rerun in 90 days. Will Rivers now have a new Governor? oh dear!!!

micc (m) at 16-12-2015 02:35PM
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APC just want to make this country a one party country. And it will be very bad for Nigerians, they are just sacking all the PDP people in every positions they occupied, too bad for the country.
Blessed75 (m) at 16-12-2015 02:46PM
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This APC are blood sucker a lot of people are going to die on the election day what is wrong with the party called APC i pity those that will die on the election day the same thing that happen to Bayaser will happen again
kp45 (m) at 16-12-2015 02:50PM
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ok o
osarobo62 (m) at 16-12-2015 02:57PM
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good....let the next person win it fair and square.
winace (f) at 16-12-2015 03:05PM
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Woke no shaking. U are coming bak in 3 months time. Nigeria can never and will never be a one party state. NEVER. And south south can never be ruled by few thieves in dis country cus of d oil.
chylind5 (f) at 16-12-2015 03:12PM
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Wike all the way. No shaking
gogoman (m) at 16-12-2015 03:23PM
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yeye country , i gree today , i no gree tomorrow
Novic (m) at 16-12-2015 03:37PM
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Amaechi medicine is begining to work in River state. Now i understand where this country is heading to, Apc want to make sure they send all PDP that is in power parking.
Fazob (m) at 16-12-2015 06:32PM
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We wouldn't succumbed any form of intimidation, Nyesom was duly elected in this State to govern this state in the next four years. Who has conducted a credible election in this country 
Anny01 (m) at 16-12-2015 07:02PM
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He may still win it but i doubt the possibility of the Election to be free and fair. APC may hijack.....
Oworen25 (m) at 17-12-2015 05:43AM
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I thought that this country have the freedom of voting anybody of their hearts to become their leaders but what is wrong with this particular state when the people vote for the right person the government will void the election. This is too bad.
sonofman25 (m) at 17-12-2015 07:05AM
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Hmm mm mm. Nice reading u guys comments,  I don't take side but if wike was duly elected by d people he has nothing to fear. We all can recall dat during and after d election back den, dere were lot of complains. Y will u guys say APC want to turn Nigeria to one party system in d last 16 years pdp at very election win 28 state out of 36 state dat is not one party rit
diezo (m) at 17-12-2015 12:40PM
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يراقب الله !!!
AmazingMarie (f) at 18-12-2015 08:56AM
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am yet to read the judgement to know the bases of the order of reelection. I trust Wike will do his home work well to ensure he remains on the seat.
okatee (m) at 22-12-2015 10:36PM
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ovoko, wike again?
botlex (m) at 24-12-2015 03:36AM
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These APC guys just wanna remove anything PDP outta dis country. Well, the better candidate should assume the position. That's all I'll have to comment for now.
Sparky12 (m) at 22-04-2016 11:48AM
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