Man Mistakenly Pays N111k Instead Of N11k As Tithe To A Church And The Church Refuses To Refund Him

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Controversial OAP, and leader of the “free the sheeple” movement shared an audio of a distraught man discussing with him how he mistakenly sent his church N111K as tithe as against N11k he intended to send. The man, Kenneth said the church refused to refund him the balance saying the money belonged to God!
Daddy Freeze wrote;
“The money loving deity the Pentecostals worship!
Kenneth called me this morning rather distraught.
He said that he paid 111,000 into his church account instead of 11,000 and the church has refused to refund him the balance saying the money was given to God
Last week Cool FM OAP and ‘Free the sheeple movement’ leader Daddy freeze replied what Dbanj after he said he pays his tithe and he is proud of it.
He wrote;
“@iambangalee you appreciate my opinion, thank you and I extend you the same courtesy.However, you can’t say you don’t care what the tithe is being used for, that’s wrong!
It’s why Nigeria, that produced the most PEOPLE LIVING IN EXTREME POVERTY on earth, according to also produced the WORLDS RICHEST PASTORS according to Forbes, it doesn’t add up! Pastors are disobeying Christ by building schools with TITHE MONEY, yet poor church members can’t attend, in contrast to Teachings of Jesus who instructed us to love one our neighbors as ourselves, this he said is the THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT: MAT22-37-40 These same pastors in their uttermost hypocrisy are telling us to OBEY MALACHI WHILE THEY DISOBEY JESUS! Nigeria with a population of less than 200 million, has 82.8million people living in extreme poverty, far more than India with a population of 1.3billion which has only 81.5 million poor people
Tithe is not, was not and will NEVER be a part of Christianity.Jesus never collected tithes, The disciples and apostles never collected tithes either.Jesus NEVER collected first fruit offering either…. our first pastors the disciple and apostles didn’t collect it.It’s a curse to obey ‘ tithe’ and ‘first fruit’ under the law and disobey the rest of the law of moses. Moses brought the law, but Jesus Christ brought grace and truth.- John 1:17.Tithing is not of grace. It is of the law.- Matthew 23:23. ◄ Galatians 3:10 ► NIV-For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.”◄ Galatians 5

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No worry na one year tithe u pay
-- ruthie (f) at 22-02-2018 11:13AM
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oga freeze...shut up...u irritate people
-- cypanyahucha (m) at 22-02-2018 12:00PM
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The day you'll repent, you'll cry a lake.
-- nature7888 (m) at 22-02-2018 12:01PM
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Okay, ur choice Oga
-- slimber (f) at 22-02-2018 01:07PM
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Whose fault is it but you 're the one paying tithe now so why complaining...100k is not much now abeg pack well nonsense.
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 22-02-2018 01:28PM
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So you went to 419 business centre and gave N111k instead of N11k as tithe and you think the 419 pastor will refund your money... Grin Grin Grin
-- adumos (m) at 22-02-2018 03:53PM
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what is this man 's problem
-- adumos (m) at 22-02-2018 03:54PM
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if you don't have work go and be sleeping
-- fineboy77 (m) at 22-02-2018 06:38PM
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what is it with tis Freeze, always finding a way to be heard mtcheeewww

-- SOGaiya (m) at 22-02-2018 09:03PM
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1k for complete 11months
-- KennyFidel (f) at 22-02-2018 09:09PM
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Upfront payment
-- Asterimou (m) at 22-02-2018 11:49PM
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I HATE MY COUNTRY NIGERIA. Majority of us Nigerians are just to useless. i hate this country. Instead of dwelling on the message, some of you here are concerned about the messenger. Why do Nigerian churches love money more than human, the way the herdsmen love their cow more than human. what is the difference between those herdsmen and Nigerian pastors? Why can't someone who mistakenly overpaid, not be refunded?  if we can do this among ourselves every time of our life, why not Pastors and churches who professes to reverence God? Why are Nigerians pastors so greedy and why are most Nigerians so gullible. Even if its a 100 Naira that was overpaid, return it when the payer demanded for it. I fear this country sha..