PHOTOS: Popular OAP/Hypeman, Oladotun Kayode aka 'The Energy gAD' Glows In Fierce New Photos

Date: 27-11-2018 10:37 pm (3 years ago) | Author: success Xenab
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Popular OAP & Hypeman Oladotun Kayode aka The Energy gAD has released new images. The Editorial Shoot was shot by exclaimed Photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke and styled by equally renowned Fashion-stylist Jane Michael Ekanem.

Dotun has successfully carved out a niche within a diverse entertainment industry. The intent of the shoot was to showcase and story-tell Dotun as many presenting-styles as alter-egos through fashion. Starting with the good, the corporate smooth look, followed by the bad, with the attire showing an affinity for martial arts and space travel. Finally the energy, with the use of fire and illumination. All these showcase his daring character to be different. This is the evolution of the Energy gAD.

The Evolution of Hype

Dotun observed in his hosting career, a lack of parties with life and the Nigerian notion of sit and be seen or just be there. He saw an opportunity to carve out a niche. He saw in his own personality a catalyst and portal to bring the energy to the party-space, by creating an Alter-ego that channelled his God-given energy and control. Not only has Dotun been able to master the skill of crowd-control, but he has also tapped into our reciprocal human energy to be controlled in the euphoria of a crowd. This very powerful mix has been the success behind this now established brand.

Like Sàngó, the Alaafin of Oyo he controlled Thunder. ‘f èdùn kó lè b’ ebè isu’, meaning the one who uses the thunderbolt to till the earth into heaps like those for planting yams.

This powerful simile and constant improvement of Dotun’s brand mean the genre of Hype is here to stay. Where, in previous times, on stage, the Hypeman’s role was to support the music Artist, Dotun has shown through precedence that he can be at the forefront, even without the Artist. He ensures the event/party has the influence and energy required.

This is Oladotun Kayode, this is the Energy gAD.

The Bad


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