Spain deports 59 Nigerians over drugs, other crimes (Page 2)

Published On: July 6, 2010, 1:03 pm (10 years ago)
Author: Daniel Bosai
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However, a Nigerian man marrying an American or European women means an opportunity for him to leave his parental family and country and naturalize in abroad. This is due to the current situation of the country as everyone finds one way or the other to survive. Therefore many American and European women are seriously looking for Naija guys especially when they are not yet married at the age of 28. This situation leads to emigration and brain drain
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is not easy
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Spain wey dey racist more than other European countries. Wetin people dey go do there sef!
Posted: (10 years ago) on 7-07-2010 09:15 PM | Gistmaniac
tired of lazy nigerian criminals
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Laaw Laaw (f)
I understand the lives lead in Nigeria. But old ways must be left behind when searching for a new one. Laws must be followed or you will be deported.
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Why cant they just take Education more seriously....They keep forgetting Education is the only Passport to being Successful.

U knw hw many Nigerians wey dey finish skull yearly [email protected] anytin to rely on? Even with bad leaders, na our parents i go blame, cos if u lay good foundations 4 ur children and he or she dey live well then i nor c any good reason wey people go dey use leg take dey go overseas despite edu matters a lot.

dont worry you go soon become parent, then your child will blame you for not laying good foundation for them, do you think these parents you are talking about had any opportunity themselves, some parents labour throughout their live time to give their children education bcos they believe that will change their conditions but what do they get after training the child, unemployment, lack of opportunity to use what he/she has learnt  bcos the child's fathers name does not ring a bell or there is no uncle or brother to connect him/her.

u have said it all. our govt are uselss
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Popo2009, there's no uderground prison in China, don't say what you don know, ok. No Nigerian is or has ever being detained in an underground prison.
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As long as people dont keep bad habits in check i guess the trend will continue
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all this is the course of our there Governemt if our country is ok not corructed why should we go abroad?to suffer a whole grate nation nija go dey seek asylum to poor nations.when are we going to have good governance? look at Angola thy tigten there boarder cos thy discovered alittle oil now potuguise ppl are thy working and saving can blame nija ppl,millious of ppl gratutated fr universities no job for 10 now,cos dey no no person IM, the poor are getting poorer while the head stealing bilious or dollars.oh my God when are we gona have a God sent person?thy kind of money we have rech to be paying all nija social if you are nt working.nawah for  to our Governement.any pperson wey enter go dey promised to firgth corructions still none,no light,no securities ,now Ghana is asking nija must go shame to us.our name is spoined all over the world, we need the religions leaders to take over the government the Rev s the immans i think if thy fail us we no dat we are all same ppl.
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
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