"My Daughter Can't Put All Her Eggs In A basket" - Mother Supports Cheating Daughter

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It was a sad experience for this young, handsome, athletic, working-class rich bachelor, so he described himself, who got the shock of his life by the response he got when he complained to his prospective mother-in-law about her daughters infidelities.

The young man, whose identity was not disclosed, narrated his sad ordeal with his girlfriend, who he had been dating for over a year. He loved her with all he has.

Taking her abroad for vacation, and placing her on a 100k allowance every month, gave her younger brother 280k scholarship, adding to the fact that she is a banker.

He also included the fact that they both have a good sexual life, but it all happened one weekend he invited his girlfriend over, and he requested for hotspot from her phone because he ran out of data, and couldnt subscribe at the moment.

The Lady handed her phone to him to get the hotspot on by himself, he took the phone and was about to share the hotspot when suddenly a whatsapp message popped up, and out of curiosity, he decided to check, and found out that she had been cheating on him with an older man of about 50 years.

He was very disappoint, he took custody of her phone, and decided to disclose all he saw to his girlfriend's mother. The young man was shocked to the teeth as to the response he got from the woman.

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Dump the Bitch and move on with your life. Thank your God that you haven't impregnated her!. Run as fast as you can before it's too late. Tell her mom to phyuk herself. She can't do more than a dead RAT. Nonsense.
-- Fedchara (m) at 5-12-2019 11:45PM
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Ehen, continue to form mugu in love and marry her, then sentence yourself to a life of misery, until DNA test reveals illegitimate children after many years of training another mans children, and then u can commit suicide. Why do idiots like posting such stories, what is the essence? to seek advice? bring the matter to public when women do far worse?