What has taken over your heart? God's need or your needs

Date: 26-03-2012 2:01 pm (9 years ago) | Author: Josiah Omeiza Eniola Gabriel
- at 26-03-2012 02:01 PM (9 years ago)
The earth is the LORD'S and the fullness thereof,the world and all that dwell therein.Psalm 24:1.This is your greatest hope,this is your greatest anchor.God is not just the owner of the earth,He is also the owner of the world and everyone that lives therein.Stop looking around for help,Lasting help can only come from God.Stop looking at men for help,they too need help in one way or the other.You have carried the help in your mind for too long,it is time now to carry the helper.That need have dwelt in your heart for long,it is time to begin to think of the need meeter.God never told us to think of our needs,He asked us to think of Him.Matthew 6:33 says, SEEK FIRST,THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND EVERY OTHER THING SHALL BE ADDED TO YOU.If you pay more attention to God like you do your needs,then they shall be added to you.This is the truth,if you will just allow God's word to take over your heart like your needs have taken over you,then God who is the need meeter will begin to intervene.My prayer again for you as always is that THAT YOUR HEART DESIRES SHALL BE MET BY GOD TODAY IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME.

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