Jude Okoye Wasn't At The Studio While His Brother Peter Was Getting Married

6 years ago by: Ola gist
-- (m) at 18-11-2013 10:30AM

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Not just Paul and Jude were absent from the photos in the wedding we have seen so far, but also there parents.  You know how these celebrities sometimes purposely start a drama to get us all vibrating, just to amuse themselves.

Number one, that picture Jude shared on his Instagram page was from Saturday,  a day before Peter's wedding.  Jude wasn't  at the studio while his brother was getting married. So, I'm thinking, you know how weddings are, maybe the family had put him in charge of one part of the wedding and he was so busy at that end, and couldn't take much pictures.

We haven't seen Ailona's pictures at her parents's wedding, Peter's dad and the entire family pictures at the wedding, but that doesn't mean they weren't there.

So, sooner of later, we'll get to see those pictures including Jude, Paul and the parents