You Won't Believe The Amount Of Money The Federal Govt Spends To Feed One Prisoner Daily

Published 4 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
at 25-06-2015 09:02PM (4 years ago)

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An inmate in Nigerian prisons is fed on a paltry N3.50k per day, the Legal Defence and Assistance Project, LEDAP, has said.
Speaking at a round table for media and civil society organizations in Lagos, Thursday, National Coordinator of the group, Chino Obiagwu, said that the figure used to be lower at N2.10k per prisoner until the present Comptroller-General of Prisons increased it.

The round table was themed ‘Moving Nigeria Towards the Abolition of the Death Penalty’.
“The truth is that many prisoners supplement their meals because all kinds of businesses and activities go on inside the prisons,” said Mr. Obiagwu. “If you allow Nigerian prisoners to survive on their ration, they will all die”.

The LEDAP coordinator revealed that there are about 56,000 inmates scattered across Nigerian prisons.
“A lot of philanthropy goes into our prisons, churches like the Catholic Church, The Redeemed church carry out on regular prison visits to improve the welfare of inmates”, he said.
LEDAP champions the rights of Nigerian prisoners.

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SOGaiya at 25-06-2015 09:07PM (4 years ago)
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ok nw
dis4real at 25-06-2015 09:15PM (4 years ago)
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Make no body commit crime becos na suffer dey wait u oooo
beneno at 25-06-2015 09:26PM (4 years ago)
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Quote from: dis4real on 25-06-2015 09:15PM
Make no body commit crime becos na suffer dey wait u oooo
there are some suffering for the crime they know nothing about  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
schmit at 25-06-2015 09:32PM (4 years ago)
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Na lie, Dem dey give Dem only  beans
Wysetots at 25-06-2015 09:34PM (4 years ago)
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eoadex2003 at 25-06-2015 09:59PM (4 years ago)
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Strange world, wicked world
cjoe90 at 25-06-2015 10:02PM (4 years ago)
(61 | Newbie) (m)

Are they supposed to be fed on #250. per plate. If so, by nxt yr, It will increase frm 56,000 inmates to 100,000.
mathzno at 25-06-2015 10:07PM (4 years ago)
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Ayoko City is the worst place to go to in Naija  but very nice place to chill when in Yankee
climax_man at 25-06-2015 10:20PM (4 years ago)
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Oways at 25-06-2015 10:28PM (4 years ago)
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9ja na wah
proly at 25-06-2015 10:30PM (4 years ago)
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Abubu86 at 25-06-2015 10:34PM (4 years ago)
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PoliticxGuru at 25-06-2015 11:25PM (4 years ago)
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wasted generation
echeeche at 26-06-2015 06:22PM (4 years ago)
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kenosas at 26-06-2015 09:39PM (4 years ago)
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i fear who not fear naija corrption
Squeezud at 26-06-2015 11:58PM (4 years ago)
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That's if the donations ever reach the inmates. Oga will pack his portion, the workers too. Very painful. My sympathy goes out to the innocent inmates.
elchymo at 15-08-2015 11:54PM (4 years ago)
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Yes, it's their responsibility 
hackynoni111 at 2-09-2015 08:18PM (4 years ago)
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na wa..dey should release them