Nnamdi Kalu Reveals Six (6) Facts To Prove President Buhari Has Been Replaced By Sudanese, Jubrin

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at 10-12-2018 11:02AM (1 year ago)

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The leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has revealed 6 ‘facts’ to prove that President Muhammadu Buhari has been ‘replaced’ by an impostor known as ‘Jubril Aminu Alsudani’.
In a broadcast from Israel on Saturday, Kanu said;
“In the past few days, the Presidency of Nigeria has worked very hard to put a spin on the credible revelations that the man passing off as President of Nigeria is not Buhari but a Jubril from Sudan. The spin runs like this: That Buhari does not have a ‘clone’ or that Jubril is not Buhari’s clone or that Buhari has not been biologically cloned. Even ‘Jubril’ himself, during his current trip to Poland, claimed that he is the ‘real’ Buhari, not a ‘clone’. The standard qualification to becoming a successful body double or impersonator is close resemblance to the person being impersonated. In other words, the political decoy is an individual who has been selected because of strong physical resemblance to the person being impersonated. This resemblance can be strengthened by plastic surgery.
Often, such decoys are also trained to speak and behave like the person being impersonated. It has happened before in history, most notably with Josef Stalin of defunct Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler of Germany. There were many others, especially during the Second World War and the subsequent Cold War, when it was very rampant with spies and espionage.
In this very case of late Buhari, Jibril is NOT a biological clone but a body-double, another human being, an impersonator from Sudan, who resembles Buhari, then underwent a few plastic surgeries to make the resemblance closer and got coached to speak and act like the real Buhari.
What they never reckoned with is that there are no two individuals that look exactly alike, except for identical twins, even so to a less than absolute degree. So, even as Mr Jibril looks like late Buhari and did some few fixes to enhance the resemblance, there are still a few give-always that, to a discerning eye, differentiated the two men.

First, Buhari was about 75 years when he assumed the presidency in 2015. He looked very much his age, and appeared noticeably frail shriveled due to the ravaging ailments that eventually saw to his demise. On the other hand, Jibril is about 50 years old and it shows in his gait, his vibrancy, and the smoother tone of his face and skin. There’s also the slight difference earlobes between the two men.

Second, Buhari had noticeably receding hairline on the front crown and the rest of what was left of his hair was brittle; and then towards the tail end of his life, the hair became very scanty and snow white. All these can be verified from his photographs taken during the electioneering campaigns, at the time he was sworn and during his long illness. This contrasts sharply with Mr Jibril, who appears to have fuller mane of hair, much darker hairlines, and now permanently spots a cap that he has refused to remove despite repeatedly being dared to do so.

Third and perhaps most importantly, the late Buhari was of Fulani full blood and he spoke fluent Fulfude – the native tongue of the Fulanis. He also spoke Hausa. Now, this Jibril does not speak Fulfude but speaks Hausa only, which is why he strains to speak Hausa as a diversion each time he is challenged to speak Fulfude. One then wonders why Jibril, claiming to be the real Buhari in Poland, did not speak some Fulfude or even go as far as removing his cap.

Fourth, since February last year, one notices a profound distance when in public between Jibril and Buhari’s family members, especially Buhari’s wife, Aisha and son Yusuf. Whereas, Aisha appears to be studiedly aloof from Jibril, Yusuf was photographed awkwardly shaking Jibril’s hand after he returned from his long stay at a German hospital, where he had been admitted and treated for injuries stemming from his bike accident.

Fifth, Buhari was a very tall person, noticeably taller than other equally tall public officials such Senate President Saraki, who now appears taller than the man claiming to be Buhari. How come? It was Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information who tried to explain this by claiming that Buhari used to wear high-heeled shoes, which he now no longer wears on the advice of his doctor, thus making him appear shorter. Is that plausible?

Sixth, since his ‘acclaimed’ recovery from his debilitating ailments and discharge from the London Hospital, the man that claims to be Buhari has not been traveling to London for mandatory follow-ups. Is it medically possible that someone who was ravaged to the point of looking skeletal and underwent complex surgeries would suddenly heal to the point that he no longer needed clinical follow-ups? Plus, when this Jibril story persisted in the wake of his US visit with President Trump, his handlers tried to defuse it by orchestrating a medical check-up stopover in London. If such check-ups are real, why isn’t this being done on a regular basis since his so-called recovery.

So, there you have it – Jibril from Sudan is not a biological clone of Buhari but a completely different fellow impersonating the real but late Buhari on the dummy that he’s a look-alike who underwent some cosmetic fixes that appear to have convinced many that he’s Buhari. Still, the truth is that Jibril neither the Buhari nor his clone.”

angesco at 10-12-2018 11:27AM (1 year ago)
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Oh give it a break. Nigerians are TIRED.

We are still looking for the purported CONDOLENCE message Nigerians were told the QUEEN of ENGLAND gave on Buharis “death?”

I heard Ndubisi Kanu was killed by the Nigeria army. Next thing somebody turned up in Isreal claiming  to be him. Maybe you are a CLONE.

The point is Nigeria is run by everybody AND nobody - home AND abroad. And ALL (including YOU) are FAKE without a CLONE in sight!!!!

Olandetujaa at 10-12-2018 11:29AM (1 year ago)
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fool nnamdi!!! your proof are not genuine! You claim to serve God and yet does not believe the power of God can change and turn things around
Mykie010 at 10-12-2018 11:44AM (1 year ago)
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very soon jubril's escapades will be over, it's quite glaring that something is wrong in  Aso Rock. GOD bless mazi nnamdi kanu.
tegonwa at 10-12-2018 12:12PM (1 year ago)
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Very Confusing But Somehow Believable.May God Help Us.
allenspike at 10-12-2018 01:05PM (1 year ago)
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I remember when Aisha Buhari ignorantly said her Husband is not the one ruling Nigeria, and i've also noticed that she and her son don't follow Him more frequently   
james987 at 10-12-2018 04:34PM (1 year ago)
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I take one in all.. buhari is tall,quite tall and noticeable amongst people. We can go back to his very first 2015 campaign pictures
joviraemovon at 10-12-2018 05:34PM (1 year ago)
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Nigerians can't be fool if this person is not our president one day before the election God will disgrace him for all Nigerians to see Mark this date.
kacylee at 10-12-2018 07:28PM (1 year ago)
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hmmmmm. God knows the truth... one thig i know is lies has expiry date

smart61 at 11-12-2018 01:19AM (1 year ago)
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 Nnamdi Kanu is Buhari political enemy who sees nothing good about him and will never say anything good about him. He is indirectly campaigning for PDP by discrediting Buhari and discouraging voters against the president.
angesco at 11-12-2018 07:14AM (1 year ago)
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Quote from: allenspike on 10-12-2018 01:05PM
I remember when Aisha Buhari ignorantly said her Husband is not the one ruling Nigeria, and i've also noticed that she and her son don't follow Him more frequently   

He is NOT the one ruling Nigeria. Nigeria is being ruled by a cabal  of corrupt people made up of  - Nigerians AND foreigners!!


james1234567 at 13-12-2018 11:23PM (1 year ago)
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Naijaloop at 15-12-2018 10:12AM (1 year ago)
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Quote from: Olandetujaa on 10-12-2018 11:29AM
fool nnamdi!!! your proof are not genuine! You claim to serve God and yet does not believe the power of God can change and turn things around

Which God ?

Naijaloop at 15-12-2018 10:14AM (1 year ago)
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Abeg na Jubril dey there..

Benitokrishna at 17-12-2018 05:08PM (1 year ago)
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nnamdi kanu is the man of truth the truth is, that idiot in asa rock is not buhari even her wife alisha know the truth that her husband is dead all the five fact that nnamdi said is nothing but the truth