Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Said She Is Not That Beautiful (Screenshot)

at 16-01-2020 08:15PM (2 months ago)

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A lady has called off her relationship with her boyfriend who says she is not beautiful but just there. An argument ensued about her beauty and she insisted she is beautiful, but her man kept saying she is just there and ended it with whatever.

She then gave him an option of going to look for a lady who he thinks is beautiful in his standard as she calls it quit before sharing the message on social media.

willyking at 16-01-2020 11:48PM (2 months ago)
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Girl you did the right thing, your guy suppose to help you develop more self esteem not the other way round don't ever make the mistake of taking him back he is a compound fool..
Boi2Man at 17-01-2020 06:40AM (2 months ago)
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Babe you don’t need him to tell you that you are beautiful, just pack your belongings come meet me, I will surely treat you like the queen that you are!!!!!
Osahenogae1 at 17-01-2020 07:24AM (2 months ago)
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That guy is the biggest fool on planet earth! as if beauty is all in life!
blowout at 17-01-2020 10:54AM (2 months ago)
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Women too dey like hear lies. If u know u are beautiful. Then end of story. U don't need to ask anyone to confirm it. Now u have asked and he has told u his opinion. Wahala.
Baye77 at 18-01-2020 07:33AM (2 months ago)
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How's this news?? Roll Eyes