VIDEO: Funke Akindele Hits The Gym Hours After A Critic Asked Her To Lose Weight

Date: 17-06-2024 11:06 pm (3 weeks ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 17-06-2024 11:06 PM (3 weeks ago)

Outstanding Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has hit the gym after a critic, one Orietan Honour, called her and Toyin Abraham out asking them to hit the gym fast
The critic stressed that the two top actresses a=have lost their body shape, and they ought to know better.

He advised them to hit the gym fast for their own fitness and for health benefits.

He wrote; “Funke Akindele, it’s unwise how you’re getting too fat yet feeling unbothered. More unwise not knowing fitness isn’t good for an actress of your kind as it may affect role delivery, prevent directors from contacting you for roles that need a smart, flexible, fit actress. Most unwise many of y’all celebs think getting fit is evidence of good living forgetting obesity kills, causes discomfort. You and Toyin Abraham need to do a lot about weight reduction. You people have changed shape, signature. Hit the gym 24 hours. Avoid junks, limit excess sleeping. Be wise. Don’t be unwise.”

Funke however responded in the comment section with a mix of compliance and a light-hearted jab, writing, “Yes sir. Werey Alaso.”

Watch the video below;


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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes 
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Give the critics something to talk about
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