Ini Edo said she was going to slap me back- Uche Nwaogu.

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Today, we contacted the pretty faced actress to disclose in detail what really transpired between her and Ini Edo and below is her fearless response;

“A lot of people now hate me because I mentioned that in my interview. One stupid director attacked me online.

I know she [Ini Edo] does not like me since I entered the industry. We were shooting and I was told to slap her in a scene. The director told me to slap her and I did. I did not slap her hard, just very soft and she started shouting that she was going to slap me back.

So, I got upset and put her where she belonged with tongue-lashing. She left and said she was not going to continue the shoot. It was only when I said sorry that she came back.

She did that with Mercy Johnson when Mercy was coming up. Mercy was always crying because of her.

They said it is jealousy and that she feels threatened seeing an upcoming actress who stands up to her. The only person that knows how to finish her is Genevieve.

Honestly, a lot happened that on that day when we finally entered back on set, which I alone noticed. You know the crew members and how they can talk.”

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