A Tour Inside The Space Craft That Launched Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos to Space

Date: 21-07-2021 11:58 am (1 week ago) | Author: CLARA JANCITA
- at 21-07-2021 11:58 AM (1 week ago)

Inside Blue origin: Billionaire Jeff Bezos rocketed aboard the Blue Origin, past the edge of space Tuesday, launching from the improbable spaceport he has built in the West Texas desert.

He was joined by Wally Funk, 82 and Oliver Daeman, 18, Mark Bezos, his younger brother for the New Shepard’s first human spaceflight.

From launch to landing the whole experience lasted just over 10 minutes with four of those in zero gravity.

Blue Origin shared about 1 minute and 30 seconds of video of that weightless experience showing the four crew floating about the spacecraft and rejoicing at the views of Earth from the large windows.

“Oh wow,” Daeman, the youngest person to visit space said after unbuckling from his seat and taking a front flip.

Daeman, of the Netherlands, was Blue Origin’s first paying customer. A $28 million winning bidder for Blue Origin’s first crewed flight couldn’t make it and Daeman was scheduled to fly on the second flight. He jumped at the chance to go early when the spot opened up.

Funk, became the oldest person in space but has been waiting six decades to go up. As a young pilot she was part of the first all-woman astronaut training program in the 1960s but none of the women known as the Mercury 13 ever achieved spaceflight until Tuesday.

An aviation pioneer Funk has logged more than 19,000 flight hours during her career.

“Is it everything you thought it would be?” Jeff Bezos asked Funk, who was invited as his guest.

“Fantastic,” Funk said. “I love it.”

After the capsule returned to Earth landing via parachute Funk told reporters she wished the experience in zero gravity lasted longer.

Ping pong balls were passed between the crew and Jeff Bezos offered up some space snacks, tossing some candy to Daeman to catch in his mouth.

“Who wants a skittle?” he said.

After some hoots and hollering, the crew looked out the large windows as the blue Earth could be viewed below and the blackness of space beyond.

This undated illustration provided by Blue Origin shows the capsule that the company aims to take tourists into space. Jeff Bezos’ rocket company is already calling its future clients “astronauts.” One seat is up for grabs on the New Shepard rocket’s debut passenger flight scheduled for July 2021; an online auction is underway. (Blue Origin via AP)
The Blue Origin billionaire founder said the company has already arranged nearly $100 million in payments from customers who want to fly to the edge of space in New Shepard. The company has yet to say when it will set an official ticket price or when those seats will be open to the general public. Right now, Blue Origin is contacting people who took part in the competitive bidding process for its first human spaceflight.

Blue Origin has plans to launch two more crews this year.

Funk said she is ready to go again.

“I want to go again — fast,” she exclaimed.

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