10 Top ways to make your man happy.

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Many of today’s wives are complaining left and
right about their husbands’ many
shortcomings. So why should a wife make her
husband happy when he’s not making her
happy? And guess what? I can attest that when you
respect your spouse and practice making your
husband happy, he will turn around and pour
that love right back onto you.
Ready to get started? Here are the top ten ways
to make your husband happy:

1. Make sex a priority.
No big surprise here.
Women understand intellectually that sexual
fulfillment is a top need of a man. But do your
actions demonstrate that you really get it?
Maybe you’ve taken care of the kids, cooked a
delicious dinner, and even endured an action
flick. Compared to the other wives you know,
you’re doing pretty well. Yet you may be
discounting his need for fulfilling sex. Most
husbands would rather have dishes in the sink
and a wife waiting in the bedroom.

2. Make your home a haven.
The world can be
a tough place. When your husband walks in the
door, he needs to breathe a sigh of relief. He’s
home. Think of how you greet your husband.
Does he see the back of your head as you type
furiously on the computer or do you look him
in the eyes and say, “Honey I’m so glad you’re
home”? Make your home a place where your
husband feels welcome.

3. Respect your man’s needs.
What need does
your husband have that perhaps you have
discounted? It may be sex, quality time, the
cookies you used to bake him, or going to ball
games together. Don’t get defensive when your
husband voices a need. Listen instead and then
act positively to meet that need the best you

4. Let your man lead.
The idea of submission
has many women up in arms. That does not
need to be the case. The New Testament
speaks clearly in three passages that we wives
are to submit to our husbands as unto the Lord
( Ephesians 5:22, Colossians 3:18, 1 Peter 3:1).
This doesn’t mean you become a door mat.
What it does mean is that your respect your
husband’s role as the leader of the home. After
you’ve weighed in on a topic, the final decision
belongs to your man.

5. Kiss every day for five to thirty seconds.
Here’s something your husband will really like!
It doesn’t cost a penny and it hardly takes any
time. A healthy daily dose of passionate kissing
will boost your marriage and keep the pilot light
lit between you. Give out plenty of kisses, just
like when you were dating.

6. Take care of your appearance.
 When you
were dating, your husband found your body
type attractive. He was hooked on your looks.
Now that you’re married, it’s important that he
still finds you attractive. When you take time
and effort to watch your weight and dress
nicely for your spouse, it communicates
volumes. I care about you. You’re still the one
for me. I want you to approach me.

7. Bring back date night.
 Someone once wisely
said to me that date nights are less expensive
than marriage counseling. When you have time
to regularly connect with your spouse to be fun
and romantic, you prevent the arctic chill from
settling between you. Date nights give you
something to look forward to. Make sure they
don’t become family business meetings. Guard
your date nights as pure recreation and

8. Smile.
You’ve probably heard the saying
“Happy wife, happy life.” Most, if not all,
husbands would certainly agree to that! When a
wife is unhappy, everyone in the household
knows. Some days you may not feel like
smiling around the house, but go ahead and
fake it at first. Put that plastic smile on and
most likely, your natural beautiful smile will
emerge shortly after. Your smile communicates
to your man, “I’m happy to be married to you.
I am thankful for a great life with you.”

9. Speak kindly.
If someone were to repeat all
the things you say to your husband, would it be
“news that’s fit to print?” Are you heaping on
praise and encouragement, or criticism and
sarcasm? Treasure your husband’s efforts to
please you and provide for your family. Don’t
trash what he does either to his face or behind
his back.  Your words matter more to him than
anyone else’s.

10. Get on the same parenting page.
 Your kids
know they can divide and conquer. When they
succeed, your home is anything but peaceful.
Recognize that you and your husband are not
on opposite teams with different parenting
philosophies. You’ve got to get on the same
team so you can be a united front to your

So which of these suggestions do you think
would bless your husband the most? Try
implementing that tip this week and then keep
adding to your repertoire. You will have one
very happy husband!

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