Inspiration: Man Tarnishes Relationship Over 'Babes of this Life[Rise To Wisdom]

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«§» 3 April 2014


Recently, Nigerians showed some love to their mothers on Mother's Day. Inversely, some others hate their mothers because she is "ugly," she has made a terrible mistake that can never be forgiven (you're now God Almighty) and many more excuses.
We all have to know that; Real Beauty lies not in the Physical Appearance, but in the Heart. Real Treasure lies not in what that Can be Seen, but in what that Cannot be Seen. Real Love lies not in what is Done and Known, but in what that is Done but not Known.

Heart Touching Story Of The True Love Of A Mother

A baby boy David was born to a certain family. The mum was so excited that she hardly put him down.

One day she left him sleeping and went to the garden. When she was there, the house caught fire and she ran back home as fast as possible to save her only son.

People tried to stop her but they didn’t succeed. She went in and found the baby untouched. Unfortunately her hair caught fire as she was going out and she started burning. It was very bad for the rest of her life because she had to live with a scar.

The boy grew up and became very rich and shifted to town. But in the real sense, he was ashamed of his mother's scars. When people asked him, he would say, "l doesn’t have someone so ugly in our family as my mother."

One day his mum overheard how his son was telling people and she was very disappointed. She decided to travel to town to explain to his only son what had happened and the reason behind her ugliness. But unfortunately, the bus she was travelling with got an accident and the mum died instantly.

The boy heard of the news, and felt very happy. He then rushed to the village and found people sad. He just passed them and went direct to her mother's room to search for important documents.

He was shocked to find his MUM's oldest DIARY BOOK written,

DATE: 5th Sept 1980. I was announced the Winner OF Miss TORONTO BEAUTY CONTEST.

DATE: 14th Jan 1982. My husband Tonny Gateson passed away in road accident and left me six months pregnant.

DATE: 2nd July 1983. I saved my only son David from a fire and I ended up losing my hair while scars left on my face.

David felt too bad and started crying, but it was TOO LATE! TOO LATE!

Never Ever hate anyone for their disabilities, facade or even those that despise you. Never disrespect your parents, don't ignore and underestimate their sacrifices. They never wish unwell for their kids even in their wildest dream. There is no way to repay what they have done for kids, all we can do is try giving what they need and it is just time, love and respect.

If you are touched by this awesome story and made you realize the importance of your parents, Kindly share the story.
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Ashonibare (m) at 3-04-2014 12:41PM
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Which kind fake story be dis? BTW-whr all of una dey make una come talk una mind?
bankadetoun (f) at 3-04-2014 01:07PM
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Quote from: Ashonibare on  3-04-2014 12:41PM
Which kind fake story be dis? BTW-whr all of una dey make una come talk una mind?
Nobody ever said its a true story. We all no its a good and inspiratory write up from someone who has more sense than you. Instead of u to gain sometin from there you are here whimping. Some pple mind black pass devil yansh.

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nice one
winace (f) at 4-04-2014 09:48AM
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Hmmmmm ffod for thought for those who have head to think. Even though some mathers of dis days don't deserve affection. I give kodos those mothers who impact in our lives.
malvin2525 (m) at 4-04-2014 12:41PM
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Nice !
PoliticxGuru (m) at 15-08-2015 03:37PM
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y e com b like dis na?Huh?