Guys, Read About 8 Kind Of Girls You Should Never Date

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There are some girls who act badly as girlfriends. No wonder that it is better to stay away from them. So here are some tips on how to recognize such girls....

1. The one who changes boyfriends constantly
Such girls feel (and usually looks) like princesses. Too many men are thirsty for their attention. The bad point is that they would dump you without any reason. These type of girls can easily switch to a guy who just smiled at them.

2. Food lovers
These girls love food too much. They always want to eat, and they are always hanging out at an eatery. Even if she is not hungry, she would ask you to buy her expensive food. Nothing can stop them. Feeding from man’s money is way easier.

3. Gifts lovers
They think you should shower them with gifts and money daily. When you do not give it to her once, she would tag you as a greedy person. When she realizes that you are a little bit prudent in spending, she labels you as a stingy dude.

4. Money hunters
How to detect a lady who wants to test her skills on you? One of the most obvious signs is lack of job. If a lady has no motivation to support herself, she will do it using your money. These types of girls will just dump you upon realizing that your cash is below the required minimum.

5. Girls who remember you in time of need
If this girl starts to pay attention to you suspiciously often, this may mean that she probably needs something. So if she forgets about you after you did her a favour, forget about her.

6. A crying lady
These girls like to weep like babies over anything. They break in tears when something good or bad happens. She forgot her sunglasses – she would cry. She saw that you smiled at a random lady – she would cry. You shout at her – she would, guess what, correct! She would cry. If you see that her tears are ridiculous and insincere – run away!

7. Marriage addict
Some ladies are overwhelmed with an idea of marriage. They have been planning it since their childhood. They already know all the details. It can be kind of cute, if you are dating for some time, but if she starts these talks immediately upon meeting you – just run.

8. Chronic cheater
She cheats all the time and she doesn’t hesitate to tell you about it. If she is proud of it – you don’t need such a companion.

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 Tongue Tongue
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Na true
youngrashy (m) at 3-12-2014 10:51PM
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I no dey send all dis kind girls sef,Any girl wey no get money nw na to bone am..
femjay (m) at 3-12-2014 10:56PM
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Abeg poster U̶̲̥̅̊ dey among those girl pls: dat Y ur boyfriend leave U̶̲̥̅̊ of recent ! 

I no be bolo NW
chicent2k3 (m) at 3-12-2014 11:02PM
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Poster, u forgot to add unilag and NAU girls. I swear....they don barb my head finish.
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paulohking (m) at 3-12-2014 11:07PM
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heard .
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poster abeg how girls go take know  the kind of boys way he  nor good? since u know everything.
beneno (m) at 4-12-2014 12:24AM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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Shegzan (m) at 4-12-2014 04:26AM
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Poster, incase of necessity, tz ' Chronic CHEAT'!!...  Fanks 4d piece anyways!

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EVERYBODY (m) at 4-12-2014 11:48AM
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IslamIsEvil (m) at 4-12-2014 12:45PM
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I met a girl merely two months now and she is showing the #1, 6 and 8 characters
Purpleone (m) at 4-12-2014 05:36PM
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Quote from: Shegzan on  4-12-2014 04:26AM
Poster, incase of necessity, tz ' Chronic CHEAT'!!...  Fanks 4d piece anyways!
I was going to do the correction for him but you did it before me
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Quote from: chicent2k3 on  3-12-2014 11:02PM
Poster, u forgot to add unilag and NAU girls. I swear....they don barb my head finish.

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