Woman Confesses After 18 Years Of Stealing A Baby From A Hospital & Raising The Child As Her Own

at 11:23 AM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
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A woman who posed as a nurse at a hospital to steal a baby has, after 18 years confessed in court that the baby is not her biological child. Gloria Williams, who kidnapped Kamiyah Mobley when she was a newborn, was in court on Monday to enter a guilty plea
A woman has confessed snatching a newborn from hospital and raising her as her own daughter for 18 years, Dailymail has reported. It was gathered that the suspect, Gloria Williams posed as a nurse at University Hospital, in Jacksonville, and walked out with a baby named Kamiyah Mobley.
She could face up to 22 years in jail if convicted. On Monday, she appeared in court to plead guilty to kidnapping as well as an interference charge, which could carry an additional five years in jail.
The 52-year-old was arrested in January 2017, after Kamiyah Mobley, who Williams renamed as Alexis Manigo, discovered the woman who raised her was not her mother, but her kidnapper.
Incredibly, Mobley, of South Carolina, says she has already forgiven Williams and is pleading with the courts to give her less than ten years in jail. Her birth parents have not got involved with the case, saying they just want to focus on spending time with their daughter after years apart.
'Don't get me wrong, I do feel like it was wrong. But we talked about it and I can understand at the time what was going on,' she told DailyMail.com.
'I sympathize with her, I'm not mad at her - of course I forgive her.
'I am certain that she's going to get time but I'm hoping not very, very long. I think they should be lenient. It's not like she took me and tortured me my whole life. She took care of me very well.'

Williams (right) is accused of snatching Mobley, now 19, (left) from a Florida hospital in 1998 when she was just eight hours old and posing as her biological mother for the girl's entire life
Williams, who took a plea deal on the day her trial was due to begin, will be sentenced in May. Neither Mobley nor her birth parents were in court.  Now 19, she was just eight hours old on July 10, 1998, Williams posed as a nurse and entered Shanara Mobley's hospital room at what is now known as UF Health-Jacksonville, claiming that Kamiyah had a fever and needed to be checked.
Williams then disappeared with the child in her arms, not to be seen again for the next 18 years. The deception began to unravel when Mobley applied for a restaurant job two years before Williams was arrested, according to court documents. 
When she demanded her social security number, Williams supposedly broke down and confessed to the abduction.  Mobley said she quietly pieced together the majority of her backstory by herself from Google. She once called her biological mother but hung up when she heard her voice.
The teen first met her biological parents when Mobley and Aiken, who had separated after the abduction, raced to see her following Williams' arrest. 
Mobley has spent the last 12 months forging new ties with her biological parents, Shanara Mobley, 36, and Craig Aiken, 42, as well as getting to know the numerous siblings she never realized she had. Mobley, who was raised as Alexis Manigo, issued an extraordinary plea for leniency last monthahead of Williams' kidnapping trial. Mobley is pictured above in January
She has already formed an 'incredible bond' with her biological father and has been staying at his home for weeks at a time. The teen celebrated Christmas with Aiken, his wife Shannon and her eight half-siblings.
But her defense of Williams has made it harder for the teen to rebuild her relationship with her biological mother. Shanara Mobley wrote on Facebook last year: 'The tears won't stop. I see my baby girl wanting this lady in her life and not me.'

'It's been harder for my mother to cope. We are working on our relationship. I don't like to define which one is my mother, I like to be respectful of both parties,' the teen said.
'I don't like to take away from either one of their duties or what they did. I don't want to pick sides.' 

Published at: 11:23 AM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
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cypanyahucha at 12:00 PM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
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This is wickedness and should be treated as such
blowout at 12:30 PM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
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Sad sad situation. I can understand the biological mother's feelings about the daughter still liking the kidnapper. I mean no mother can ever forgive a kidnapper who steals her hours old baby. I can also understand the girl for liking her kidnapper cos she was probably raised with love by the kidnapper. That said, there has to be consequences for actions. The kidnapper caused severe emotional trauma to the biological mother and deprived her of the joy of raising her child. Maybe the stress of the kidnap even led to the divorce. Like say na me be judge na like 12 years I for give am.
nature7888 at 01:38 PM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
(4227 | Gistmaniac) (m)
This is a hard one.
slimber at 06:21 PM, 13/02/2018 (1 year ago)
(12068 | Hero) (f)
Oh  nah waaa things 're happening
xspraise at 07:20 AM, 14/02/2018 (1 year ago)
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