Yvonne Nelson and Her Babydaddy, Jamie Roberts Break Up, Unfollow Each other and Delete Everything!

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 5-06-2018 08:49PM (1 year ago)

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Yes Oh!!!! E Don Happen! Oti se le!, Gbeje don burst, Oyinbo boy has played our African sister pum pum scam, he has put a big seed inside her and dumped her! London based romantic playboy and hear breaker, Jamie Roberts got one of Africa's finest actress and Miss Ghana 2007 pregnant, in the person of Yvonne Nelson, who many other celebrities like Iyanya and John Dumelo has also smashed in the past, but all those dont matter, this silly white boy has the effrontery to break up with YVONNE NELSON! Our African queen, after putting a seed inside her with his small dirty something! Can you imagine! Well, Yvonne even called him the best DADDY EVER, I am sure she would have a change of heart now, after that silly London boy dumped her ass!

Although to his credit, Insiders claim, Yvonne has been pressuring the photographer baby daddy to have a "Big" Cinderella wedding, which he does not have the strenght of bearing, in order to save his face, the gentleman had to bail!

slimber (f) at 5-06-2018 10:43PM
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Story story story
Mashbol (m) at 5-06-2018 10:48PM
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WhaleDog (m) at 6-06-2018 12:24AM
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Whiteboy wey eat the hood ,know the street life blood clat family,walk the road of a black hustler ,we sey d gamer ,there’s no one roller ,what u have is what u give .Sis ,ya put ur panties up ,don’t let dem color fool ya , there are lots white goons out there wilder than the wild ,hungrier than the hungry .Straight up bitchaas

fineboy77 (m) at 6-06-2018 12:39AM
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before nko,you think say na forever?

gogoman (m) at 6-06-2018 03:38AM
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shame on Yvonne shame
Sniper101 (m) at 6-06-2018 07:58AM
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hit & run

...all the time Roll Eyes

am beginning to think DAT me too I ought to find one 'Hot' celebrity to meet, and then play this "Hit & Run" game with Grin
kacylee (f) at 6-06-2018 09:27AM
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it have happen.. its seems its an expected thing

cypanyahucha (m) at 6-06-2018 02:10PM
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Illicit relationships end without notice.
giftmurphy (f) at 7-06-2018 09:13AM
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i saw it coming lol, your baby's cute btw Cheesy