Savage Tinz! Online Trolls Pick Blunders In Davido's Girlfriend, Chioma's Photo Captions

Published On: August 27, 2018, 1:06 pm
Author: onuigbo felicia
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It is an obvious fact that Chioma the gorgeous Assurance girlfriend/fiancee of ace crooner and award-winning musician Davido has engendered a lot of interest since her man opened their relationship to the prying and inquisitive eyes of the public.
Now because she's always in the public eye because of the relationship and also because of the attendant publicity that follows all she does, everything single thing about her now is always under scrutiny.  What she adores, her style, in fact, everything about her including what she says and how she says it too are not all spared!!!!
It can be said that no one can say they have enjoyed a rub off like Chioma has, her relationship with Davido has really shot her into the limelight with all the attendant goodwill and good things that have enveloped her and come her way since her relationship with the super-rich Davido became very public.
No one also can doubt the fact that she's beautiful and also very resourceful, remember she's a big Chef in the making already, with endorsements already smiling her way even as she hasn't even yet opened a restaurant! Many would gladly want to exchange place with her and be the one that Davido is going about with all over the world. The would have loved to be the one the ace of the moment is showering so much attention and gifts on and crooning about at every given opportunity to who cares to know or hear.
But even with all of the things mentioned above, many have also noticed a snag too! Remember with the good, also comes the bad too. Though some think that it's nothing at all, as it isn't of any major consequence whatsoever and that it doesn't even matter at all. As it doesn't add or remove a strand of hair from anyone's body!
What that snag apparently is, is CHIOMA'S ballistic construction of grammar. So good is she said to be that the 'obvious shelling' could dent a hole in a concrete wall! Maybe if it was/were just a little slip once or twice, those harping on it and carrying it on the head like a load might have overlooked it and let it go, especially now in the days of social media English construction, where slangs and abbreviations are the rules and anything goes! But it seems like it is a common occurrance and a very natural issue at that! Please check the above captured IG posts and ponder!
Anyhow, anyhow sha! Blunder or no blunders, Chioma is the assurance babe and nothing is going to change that nor stop it. Grammar ain't gonna change the assurance one bit, even if she had said "I slepted off" at a point and her boyfriend laughed it off and accepted, doesn't that just say it all?
For those who might not know, Chioma Avril Roland, soon to be Mrs. Chioma Roland Adeleke, until not too long ago was an undergraduate student of the Babcock University, where she was a 300 level student of Economics. She started at the school in 2012, that 6 years ago, before she called it quit this year 2018.
Atleast, if Grammar is an issue, she is already a celebrated Chef now and can easily go abroad to go polish herself whenever she wishes!

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 Shocked Shocked Shocked WTF...THIS GIRL IS SO DUMB...IF THIS IS TRUE
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we all know Chioma Assurance didnt go through with school  or will i say school didnt pass through her Cool