2 Powerful Aides Are Holding Nigeria and My Husband In Hostage - Aisha Buhari

Published 1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 5-12-2018 07:56AM (1 year ago)

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Wife of the President, Dr. Aisha Buhari Monday lamented that two powerful personalities have constituted themselves as clogs in the wheels of speedy development of the administration.

Mrs. who spoke at a conference organized by Project 4+4 in Abuja, however did not mention the names of the powerful persons. The event was also attended by the wife of the Vice President Dolapo Osinbajo.

The First Lady explained that the government has achieved a lot but could have achieved more or even achieved all it has in one year but for two people in government who will never allow things to move fast.

The President wife said that she was disappointed in men who rather than fight these two men will go to them in the night begging for favour. Mrs. Buhari urged Nigerian women to rise up and fight.

According to her, ” I have realized that Sen Babafemi Ojodu, Special Adviser political to the President, and Dr. Hajo Sani, my aide Sajo and wife of the Vice-President Mrs Osinbajo are not comfortable with my saying this and want me to confine myself to my prepared speech but we must say the truth, she said with emotions.

The President’s wife insisted that the powerful duo are retrogressive elements preventing the government from moving forward.

kaposky at 5-12-2018 08:07AM (1 year ago)
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johnnychuks2 at 5-12-2018 08:16AM (1 year ago)
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Na today
Wazubia at 5-12-2018 10:08AM (1 year ago)
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CANT CHANGE THEM? Cool Cool Cool Cool
Edwarddy at 5-12-2018 11:02AM (1 year ago)
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Are you sure is your husband...... She is invariably trying to say meaning things but is as if she is under oaths... God please save Aisha buhari...she is a good woman
fineboy77 at 5-12-2018 08:11PM (1 year ago)
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Quote from: Edwarddy on  5-12-2018 11:02AM
Are you sure is your husband...... She is invariably trying to say meaning things but is as if she is under oaths... God please save Aisha buhari...she is a good woman
she is trying to say something,but the powers that be wont let her.

james987 at 6-12-2018 02:55AM (1 year ago)
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Long ago this lady has been trying to tell us that jubril isn't buhari. Long ago she said hardly meets him. Imagine just two persons controlling the whole nation. So osibanjo and his wife knows the truth. Men of God now turned men of Satan because of politics and money.
jdybad at 6-12-2018 07:40AM (1 year ago)
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It's interesting to know that the truth has being said all the while y Aisha Buhari, but the masses especially the elite and educated ones decides to skip the truth and play along the dirty game.

In all, men shall reap their rewards in one form or another. we may not be alive to witness it, but it will happen. i believe someday, Nigeria will be better.
All these clamoring for citizenship in other countries and claiming biafra....please note.......the said countries have their history and if you preview it, they are not good to the eye or ears, but they have come up after centuries of struggle. we should build our own and fight injustice. people came out to give their country a face like Mandela in the very face of injustice and corruption.

You should do same, rather than show stupidity through neuritic write ups.
mjyabah2 at 6-12-2018 08:14PM (1 year ago)
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Allah will continue to give this sweet-hearted woman a healthy and long life. She told the world before that her husband was no longer running the affairs of the country. She is letting the cat out of the bag just so people could interpret her parables to divulge the beclouded leadership at Aso Rock. Aisha is not in cohort with the presidency impersonation. It all will come to light soon.     
SweetDaddy1 at 7-12-2018 01:06PM (1 year ago)
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Aisha Buhari had said it all, her husband is not the president of Nigeria...
APC is dead Grin Grin Grin