Why I’m running for presidency – Kalu

Date: 20-10-2010 12:24 pm (11 years ago) | Author: Aliuniyi lawal
- at 20-10-2010 12:24 PM (11 years ago)
Presidential aspirant, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu has explained why he is contesting the presidency on the platform of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), saying he was denied a waiver in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) when he sought for it.

Director General of the Dr. Orji Uzor Presidential Campaign Organization, Chief Willy Ezugwu, while addressing newsmen in Abuja yesterday, explained that the intimidating political status of the former Abia State governor scared the PDP powers who refused him waiver to contest the presidency.

He said the decision of Dr. Orji to go back to PDP initially was borne out of his conviction that the reconciliation process put in place by the new leadership of the party and that since he was also a founding member, “he decided to go back, but it appears some people are scared of his status and couldn’t cope with his return and had to frustrate his being given a waiver as given others who left the party and came back like him.”

Chief Ezugwu, who is the Secretary-General of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), argued that those who blocked his waiver in PDP had genuine fear because “they know there is nothing he wants that he does not get. Now he says he wants to be president, he knows how to go about it. It is out of this conviction that Chief Kalu never fails, that made me to accept to be his campaign organization director general”

He described him as a man to beat at the presidential election, saying he had succeeded as a businessman at a young age and served as a member of House of Representatives successfully before becoming the governor of his home state.
Said he: I have never been associated with a failure, I am very optimistic, Kalu can’t fail. This is why the presidency and PDP are jittery. His intimidating political profile, stupendous wealth, international connections, acceptability among his fellow politicians, transparent leadership, crusade against social injustice, corruption and inequality and above all, divine anointing are some of the qualities that stand him out.”

Chief Ezugwu maintained that Chief Kalu was in good stead with the northern politicians and that “as the only Igboman standing and very consistent as their voice even in the midst of hostilities and when others have sold out, he has chosen and assumed the role of a kingmaker and grandmaster rolled into one.
“You will agree with me that the components in this man that had turned him into fertile material for leadership case study, first as corporate leadership and now political leadership; those things that make him stand out of any crowd in his distinctive way; those distinctive elements that have made Kalu the stormy petrel of not just of the nation’s polity but a global player.”

He explained that Kalu had decided to join the presidential fray having taken a deep thought about the hardship and despair across the land in the midst of God-given abundant endowments, which were the consequence of national directionless leadership.
Quoting Chief Kalu’s motive for joining the race, Chief Ezugwu noted: “For me, the quest to provide leadership at the highest level can only be worth its while when we can appropriately replace the hopelessness, despair, despondency of today with hope and equal assurance that the imperfections of our past would challenge our creative instinct to redirect the developmental pulse of the nation towards a progressive path.

“In offering myself to the good people of Nigeria for the presidency, I rely on the assurance of my ability to provide the leadership needed in unison, with other Nigerians. It is worrisome to think that things can be made to work if some of us have made things work at the micro-level of government with limited resources, such successes can be replicated at the macro-level.

“We must be operating from the background of clear vision about the bolts and knots of re-inventing the country, such vision must be supported by the requisite political will and capacity to enlist the support and confidence of the masses of the country to make a difference."

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