“It’s Delusional For Women To Want Wealthy 30yr Old Man” – Solomon Buchi

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Solomon Buchi, a relationship consultant, created a controversy when he stated that expecting a man in his thirties to have significant fortune is unrealistic.

He proved his claim with data, pointing out that the typical millionaire start from 57 years old, while the average billionaire is 65yrs upwards.

Buchi contended that looking for a wealthy young man is a delusion, he challenged this notion by questioning if one’s own father, who could be over 60, had amassed such wealth.

He also criticised the impact of social media, claiming that it has created an era in which knowledge is widely available yet frequently lead to a distorted perception of reality.

Buchi urged individuals looking for a wealthy companion to pick someone closer to their father’s age, or to be suspicious of younger men who may have amassed their wealth through unscrupulous ways.

Taking to his X account, he tweeted,

“It’s delusional for a woman to want a wealthy 30-year-old man, who can afford exotic holidays, designer clothes, fancy cars and jewellery. In real life, you have to choose between a young ambitious man or a much older rich man. Research shows that 57 years is the average age of millionaires. For a billionaire, it’s 65 years. Little wonder older men and younger girls sugar daddy relationships are a booming industry.

It is a colossal delusion to want a young man who’s impressively rich. Your daddy is over 60, how rich is he? Even if he’s rich, at 30 how many designers could he afford?

Social media has democratized knowledge to an error of overexposure to distorted reality. If you want to marry a stupendously wealthy man, you either have to marry your father’s age mate(who probably isn’t commitment-driven), or a young man with illegal means.

In real life, you will marry an average hardworking man who is financially wise. With consistency and wise financial decisions, hitting his financial prime in his late thirties is guaranteed.

Some women are single because their spec is so out of touch with statistics and reality. Most men start hitting their biggest successes in their late 30s till early 50s.

You have the liberty to have your spec but have a reasonable spec. At your age, you should be seeking financial intelligence and ambition in a man, not riches.”

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Fool m Does wealth come with age
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 Huh? Huh? Huh?

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that is why u don't give any sympathy when they use dem for ritual  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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