Will increment in minimum wage solve the problem in Nigeria?

Published 11 years ago by: Aduloju Ebony Olaoluwa
at 9-02-2009 12:28PM (11 years ago)

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I think the federal govt should make sure that food is surplus,clothings are cheap even cars should be sell at an affordable price,so that the salary earn will be enough to spend,cos if there is increament of salary now thear will be inflation of goods and services definetly the money will not be enough to meet our needs i.e The Federal Govt are not helping rather they are complicating issues.

blackemy05 at 18-02-2009 10:54AM (11 years ago)
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Don't even think of that ur statement again, inflation is on already, the best thing for him is to increase our salary. U no want make we survive? Ha! na wah oh!
chicco77 at 26-08-2012 10:58AM (7 years ago)
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